Winter Foursomes History & Past Results

In 1964 the FCLGA Committee decided to hold a foursomes competition during the winter months.
They decided to run the competition along the lines of an American Foursomes, but after much discussion it was decided that it should be a 2 Ball Knockout Competition. 
It was decided that 2 plaques would be purchased (from Lilywhite's Catalogue at a cost of 21/3d) for prizes and they would be suitably engraved. The first draw was to be made at the September Meeting.

1964-65 Silver Division Winners:  Dunfermline Golf Club
1964-65 Bronze Division Winners:  Aberdour Golf Club

At the 1965 September meeting it was declared that the competition was such a success that it would continue and another 2 plaques were purchased for prizes

Year Silver DivisionBronze Division
2014-15Kinghorn                 Kirkcaldy
2013-14 Elie & Earlsferry Burntisland
2012-13 Pitreavie Ladybank
2011-12 Pitreavie Cupar
2010-11 Ladybank St Rule
2009-10 Balbirnie Kirkcaldy
2008-09 Cupar Dunfermline
2007-08 Canmore Canmore
2006-07 Elie & Earlsferry Scotscraig
2005-06 Elie & Earlsferry Kinghorn
2004-05 Canmore Balbirnie
2003-04 Elie & Earlsferry Dunfermline
2002-03 St Regulus Dunfermline
2001-02 St Regulus Ladybank
2000-01 Elie & Earlsferry Dunfermline
1999-2000 Ladybank Ladybank
1998-99 LLL Ladies Dunfermline
1997-98 Ladybank Elie & Earlsferry
1996-97 St Rule Kirkcaldy
1995-96 Burntisland St Rule
1994-95 Elie & Earlsferry Aberdour
1993-94 St Rule Pitreavie
1992-93 St Rule St Rule
1991-92 Pitreavie Burntisland
1990-91 Pitreavie Ladybank
1989-90 Kinghorn Aberdour
1988-89 LLL Ladies Kirkcaldy
1987-88 LLL Ladies Elie & Earlsferry
1986-87 Kinghorn Kirkcaldy
1985-86 Burntisland Crail
1984-85 No Record No Record
1983-84 Kinghorn Dunfermline
1974-1983 No Records No Records
1973-74 No Record No Record
1972-73 St Regulus No Record
1970-71 Leven No Record
1969-70 St Rule Dunfermline
1968-69 St Rule Dunfermline
1967-68 Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy
1966-67 St Regulus Elie & Earlsferry
1965-66 St Rule Dunfermline
2013-2014 Bronze Finalists
Burntisland (Liz Jones & Sheila Yuill) v St Regulus (Irene Ray & Ann Robertson)