Saturday, 27 June 2015

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team of Linda Dyball (Vice-Captain), Elaine Moffat, Karin Sharp, Lynn Newton, Dorothy Ford, Hannah Robb & Sam Munro for their as always 110% effort at this years Inter-County Jamboree Matches.  All the team played extremely well and although we didn't get the outcome we wished for the matches were all very tight and close.
These matches were played in the greatest of friendship and respect for the other teams, I am very very proud of you all. 
You are all a credit to Fife County Ladies Golfing Association and it was my pleasure to be with you all and be your captain over those 3 days.

A huge thank you goes to Liz Childs, our county secretary, who kept me on the right track and amongst us all we managed to put on a great event.
Thanks also to Joan Blyth, part of the admin team over the 3 days, who along with Liz made sure all the match results were entered into the computer, print outs done & posting of results on the noticeboards in the clubhouse.

We would not have managed without our caddies over the 3 days, we all appreciate that you gave up your time to be with us:
Margaret Steele, Mimi Ogilvy, Susie Robertson, who also made sure that we all had our meal choices in on time, Irene Morrison, Fiona Hill, Elsie Hutcheon, Susan Baldwin, Emma Wilson & Bev Brown.

Last but not least a huge thanks goes to Randall Morrison, our rules official over the 3 days.  We hopefully didn't give Randall to much hassle. 

Congratulations goes to Elaine Moffat who had a hole in one in one of her matches, well done Elaine.

What more can I say but THANK YOU ALL again from myself to you all for a great Jamboree, friendship and banter.  Bring on 2016...

Lorna McKinlay 
FCLGA Captain  

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